Last Day

Today is my last day at work!

I have longed for this day to come. As I started working at Glick Agency, I got to learn more about the industry. I quickly realized then that this will not be a career path that I would want to pursue in the future. Working with talent agents can be very difficult. Sometimes their demands are up in the sky!

I have become very good friends with my mentor, who is the assistant of our boss. She has given me some good insights into the industry. She also told me, if you are not passionate in becoming a talent agent, I should really spend more time in the area I want to be. She also told me this industry is tough, being an assistant can sometimes be asked to do way more than suppose to and get very little in return.



4/10/2013 Blogpost 3

Today was a extremely stressful day. Steve, my boss, was not in a very good mood. Usually, the bullets don’t get to me but today was an unlucky one for both me and my mentor.

When I got to work this morning, as usual, I looked through breakdownexpress for suitable casting listings. My mentor then told me to send out 20 contracts to our clients. I was zooming through my work as I have done it many times. Just when i thought I was doing everything right and perfectly, I have done a whole section of the contracts wrong. My mentor trusted me enough not to have looked over my work, therefore when Steve read through them, he was very angry with the mistakes. After a good 10 minutes of yelling, I had to redo all 20 contracts.

Today was not a good day but I have learned my lesson to be more careful next time.

3/14/2013 Blogpost 2

This is the third week of internship. My supervisor, Jocelyn, had to go on leave for Friday, therefore she kindly asked me to sub in for her that day. Going in on Friday, I was scared. I wasn’t sure if I could handle her position because Jocelyn is the assistant for the three talent agents at Glick. I have seen how hectic and intense it gets at the office.

My duties for the day was to answer phone calls, check and reply emails, help out with any duties the three agents have for me and most importantly to wake up my boss, Steve, from his afternoon nap. Friday is usually a very busy day for the office but for some reason it wasn’t the case. For the whole day I only got 3 phone calls. When I got the first phone call, I wasn’t able to hear the other person clearly but without asking the person to repeat who he was again and forwarded the phone call to Steve. Steve got upset with me for not pronouncing a client’s name right. I was able to redeem myself afterwards.

It was a very slow day at the office, with nothing much to help out with, I took the initiative in making more copies of contract and sending them out to prospective clients. I also read a few more scripts and did coverage for them.


Starting at the Glick Agency is definitely something special for me. As an international student from Hong Kong I have only had the chance to work for Hong Kong companies. This semester I took the initiative to try applying for internships in the States, and to my surprise I got a few responses. After interviewing for a magazine, production house and for a music studio internship, I decided to go with the Glick Agency because I feel like I can be able to learn more in a smaller scaled company and the location is more suitable for me.

              My future goal is to work either for the advertising, events management or entertainment industry. Glick Agency is a talent agency for tv shows and movies, therefore this internship opportunity is a great jump start to my entertainment career. I appreciate the fact that I am always very busy at work, time pass by really quickly. My duties at work include all kinds of secretarial work, everything from reading scripts, writing summaries to managing the client data base. I have developed a great and professional relationship with my mentor, I am a great help to her and we share a bond of being proud Annenberg students.